I’m officially published!

C0mments   ·   September 26th, 2015

At long last, after years of hard work and overcoming setbacks, I’ve finally published my first book. And it’s a fantastic feeling. 🙂 The book is available on Amazon Kindle and Kobo, and a version for the Nook is coming in the next few days. But I just couldn’t wait to announce it! You can view your options to buy on this page. I truly hope anyone that purchases the book enjoys it to the fullest. Have a fun journey. 🙂


Morning, Behind the Chimera!

C6mments   ·   August 14th, 2015

What a long way I’ve come since my last post in 2012. I remember when I wrote that, I really didn’t think there was any hope. I thought it was over for my writing, for my book. But it’s not.

I don’t remember exactly what did it, but earlier this year, a wave of inspiration hit me so hard and I finished Behind the Chimera. I didn’t just finish it a little bit…I finish it a lot. Like the entire thing, lol. And it was the greatest feeling. So I did what I had planned. I sent it out to a huge number of literary agents. And not surprisingly, they all said no.

But that was okay. Because I knew Plan B was to self-publish. And that’s exactly what I’m doing. I’ve commissioned an awesome artist, Jonathan Hunt, to do my book cover. It’s costing me $600, but it’s money well spent. Besides, I knew my cover was going to be the most expensive part. I need something amazing. Something beautiful. Something to capture an audience. And that’s just what I’m going to get. 😉

His deadline is September 15, so if it takes him that long, I plan on publishing the following day.

I’m so excited. I know I can do this. It’s all coming together! My book, after over 10 years of floating around, is finally going to be published and read by the world! AAAAAAAAH!!!!!

I’ll post here closer to the release date. 🙂 See ya soon!

Goodnight, Behind the Chimera…

C6mments   ·   March 3rd, 2012

I had a meeting with my therapist the other day where I spoke to her, at length, about how in the past year, I have lost all my confidence in my writing. If you’re wondering why, well, it’s a long story. 2011 I consider probably the worst year of my life to date. It was deceptive and devastatingly difficult. My writing, my innocent talent, suffered as a result.

Going on a year now, I have come to a complete halt with Behind the Chimera. I am inspired, but…unable to create anything. It’s some kind of twisted self-assured constipation. I told Gina that I feel towards my art, a way I never have. I feel disconnected. I know I love it, but it feels…artificial. My therapist told me something I didn’t want to hear. Something I don’t want to do. Not when I’m this close.

“Take a break. Put the whole book away. Don’t torture yourself by setting it out and staring at it, producing nothing.
Admit that you need a break from it. Put it away. Put it away.”

I was unwilling at the time. But now…no matter how close BtC is to being done…for maybe the 3rd or 4th time in its existence, I am putting it away.

I can’t say for just how long.
But I think it’s going to be a while.

I am going through so much lately, and the added pressure, the exhausting concentration that book needs, I’m unable to provide.

However, I’m not going to give up writing. I wonder if maybe this block and loss of confidence is in part because of the book I choose to work on–Behind the Chimera.

So, I’m packing away BtC tonight. I’m replacing it in the drawer where It Leads to Hell awaits. I’m going to work on this novel in the meantime. Maybe, just maybe, there’s still hope.

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