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It’s complicated

C0mments   ·   October 24th, 2011

After a one-two-three? month long writing block, I begin yet again. According to my mathematician, I am 58% through my editor’s revision. Psh. Well, I went on a block because of that typical bullshit writer’s do. You know, that whole, Oh my god, I’m so pathetic, I’m never going to make it bit. Here I am again. The year is coming to a close and reality is biting me in the ass.

Tiffany, it’s simple. Either finish the goddamn book and start marketing or remain unpublished…forever.

It’s a tough road, the newbie writer. Anyway, I am going to bed now, only to wake up bright and early in about 6 hours to do some serious writing before work at 5pm. That’s right. More writing soon. I will not stop. I will fight. I will continue.

No matter how exasperating this entire process can be at times.