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Back in the swing of things

C0mments   ·   January 16th, 2012

Well, let me just say that it has been a long and difficult few months. I’ve not been writing lately due to life completely overwhelming me. However, it seems that with the new year comes new hope, and I believe I am back in the swing of things. Today is my second day of consistent writing and I see that as a good thing. It’s a habit that I, clearly, am returning too. (And amen to that.)

I am about 61% through the editing phase. I’ve since lost my editor, Matt. I’m not worried however because he did manage to complete the entire book for me, while it was in its roughest stage. I believe I can handle the rest. (I need to start attending the critique groups again.) I have my friend, fellow author John Van Vliet, as well as a few other bright friends that are raring to read the next draft.

My writer friend who I used to novel pod with, Mac Wheeler, has been killing it lately, self-publishing practically every single one of his novels via Amazon. I am extremely proud of him, though I never have the opportunity to tell him because, Christ, I am incapable of managing my time. Anyway, he’s someone I want to reconnect with soon.

So, after I finish up this edit, I need to polish the second half of the book. The first half is beautiful. Oh my god, it’s light years better than what it was. However, it’s because I rewrote, added, and took away. The second half needs the same makeover. It’s still far too easily falling into the epic fantasy category, and I want to get away from that as much as possible.

Additionally, I finally posted the “About” page for my next novel, which I wish I could be working on in place of BtC, It Leads to Hell. Head on over to my “Stories” page to read about that!